Sunday, October 25, 2009

Is Imitation really the greatest form of flattery?: A Bad Bitch's trendy new pet peeve

One of the bad bitch principles briefly mentioned yesterday was acknowledging and appreciating the other bad bitches. Be it your homegirl, a bad ass classmate, professor, coworker, your mama, or your celebrity idol (I LOVE YOU BEYONCE!). But showing appreciation can be taken too far.

I just love her.

Anyway, my new and apparently popular pet peeve is Nicki Minaj fanaticism. It's particularly interesting that it irks me so much considering that I am a HUGE Nicki Minaj fan. She's a fresh face in the rap game, especially considering the lack of female representation in hip hop now, and surprisingly talented. She really represents the voices of the new generation of girls and women. It's like she has the comeback to every sexist retort from a rapper telling us to "bust it wide open" or "bring it back".

She is DEFINITELY a bad bitch.

But seriously, some of her fans really know how to take it there... I love Beyonce but I do not refer to myself as Sasha B., Sesali Fierce, Seyonce, or anything else. Recently, my facebook friends list has been flooded with Lisa Lewinsky's (usually spelled in a myriad of ways) and Marie Minaj's . And now half of my female friends are "Mistresses", or "Barbies"***, or some other spin off of one of Nicki's numerous aliases. According to one profile pic, someone apparently has an elaborate "Barbie" tattoo.

There is nothing wrong with showing love to artists, respecting their work, and admiring their image... but seriously, stealing their name/persona? What type of statement is that? Is that a proclamation that you are more like her? And if so, what does that mean? A bad bitch is the most inspired by herself and the potential she holds. If she comes across a badder bitch its cool to give her props and be moved to step your own game up. But remember that it's just that: YOUR game. SO with that being said, don't dim your light for the sake of someone else's. After all, Nicki Minaj is a bad bitch, but so are you!

***Tangent: I think it's interesting that so many Black girls are embracing Barbie, considering that it took the company until this year, sixty years, to actually create a black doll in the image of actual black girls. Check out this interview with the designer of the new So In Style Barbies.

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