Saturday, October 24, 2009

Welcome to the Bad Bitch Society: Bad Bitch 101

Welcome to the official blog spot of the Bad Bitch Society! I felt like it was only appropriate to kick things off by filling people in on exactly what it means to be a bad bitch. In the past, many people have numerously questioned my authority on the subject... Hopefully this clears things up...

When many people hear the term bad bitch they think of Beyonce, Halle Berry, Nicki Minaj, even Michele Obama. I would argue that these women are indeed bad bitches, but not for the obvious reasons most people would expect. While I would be a much badder bitch if I was exceptionally beautiful, filthy rich, a top notch Ivy League scholar, married to a rich and powerful man, owner of Gucci bags and red bottoms, actually being a bad bitch is so much more than that.

A bad bitch is simply a woman who feels like she is, and exudes that. Not to get it twisted, being bad isn't about walking around with your nose in the air. Instead, it's about owning (acknowledging and living up to) all the things that make you fabulous, sexy, unique, extraordinary, and BAD! It's not about being the most fashionable, it's about having and owning your own style. It's not about having a degree, it's about never ceasing to learn. It's not even about having a great job or "gettin money" as people like to say, it's about never stopping on the path to get where you want to be in life.

See, being bad has nothing to do with perfection, nor is it a way to measure how close to perfection a woman is. In fact, being bad is about accepting the imperfections and still knowing, without a doubt, that you're still bad. Being a bad bitch is about being WHOLE.

A bad bitch has respect for and appreciates other bad bitches. She helps bring out the bad bitch in others. A bad bitch is never afraid to show love and she is only focused on putting herself and others on, leaving no time fro hate and negativity. A bad bitch doesn't stop until she gets it; "it" is WHATEVER SHE WANTS.

So to answer the question that has been posed to me so many times... Sesali, what makes you think you're a bad bitch??? I AM A BAD BITCH!

So again, welcome to the Bad Bitch Society. Go on wit yo bad self!


  1. I love! Thank you for considering me a bad bitch! i feel welcomed and privilaged to join the society!

  2. you are so right ! thnak you so much for letting our strong women out here know the truth. this will keep the self esteem , proper knowledge of self worth up so thank you sister keep it comin!

  3. so well said. I love it!

  4. Bad bitches always get what they want, damn skippy!

  5. I Love this!!! I would like to recieve a certified bad bitch liscense thank you!!!

  6. Sesi mi amor!! I needed that and I seriously thank the heavens for letting our paths cross!! I love you so much!! XOXOX