Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Certified Bad Bitch: Ms. Yinka!!!

I am so excited about introducing you all to our first featured Bad Bitch in The Bad Bitch Society. Being featured pretty much takes you from being an ordinary bad bitch, to CERTIFIED bad bitch! So, without further ado...

Yinka is a senior at the University of Illinois, has style OUT OF THIS WORLD (in case you didn't notice that's Pink Rang Rover... nuff said.), and has a heart bigger than Kanye's ego! This chick got it goin on!! I had the pleasure of interviewing Yinka and here's what she had to say about being a bad bitch.

What makes you a bad bitch?
I am? Oh gosh thank you…I’m just a chick trying to graduate and live! I will admit I’m an extremely motivated person who has goals and ambitions like the next person. I take initiative and make sure my daily activities are always in some way pushing toward one of my goals. I can never be satisfied with being average, or being “comfortable” where I am. I’m always doing something in a continuous effort to develop myself and prepare to bring into existence my highest and best. Simply put: I work hard, play hard…then work harder!
Another thing that complements my “bad bitch” persona is being a positive person and simply encouraging others to do and be their best. I also surround myself with individuals who encourage and uplift. I don’t concern myself with the downs in life because I know God is with me and will always get me through everything.
Also just understanding that with anything I do, the impact I have is bigger and beyond myself. So I try my best to represent myself in a positive manner, make others smile, encourage, and find the good in everyone.
In regards to appearance: I’m very well maintained and put lots of effort in making sure I look well for an occasion. I loveee getting dolled up for parties, events, socials…catch me any other time I'm probably in workout clothes and I'm fine with that. :-) For certain events, my friends would tell me “It’s a small event, no one is going to be dressed up” or “Its gonna be lame, it doesn’t matter” It kind of always matters to me though. I don’t base my attire on what everyone else has on. I just wear what I feel comfortable with.
So simply put… I'm smart, unique, driven, classy, positive, encouraging, well-maintained, extraordinary, and fashionable. In the words of Miss Sesali Lewinsky, “I'm a bad bitch…nuff said.” Lol.

What bad bitches inspired your badness?
umm…My momma. She’s the best and expects nothing less out of me. So yeah, gotta keep the tradition going and all…lol

How can you tell another bad bitch when you come across one?
They are always on their stuff! Always setting goals and conquering them. Driven, Inspiring, Encouraging, and have a purpose that is greater than themselves. They aren’t scared to take risks and always set new and higher standards; they shift old and create new paradigms. They are well maintained, not just on the outside, but the inside. They could care less about drama around them and can easily ignore negativity. They don’t settle and know and understand that they deserve the best!

A bad bitch always...
Respects herself, values herself, never feeds into drama, never settles for less, lives it up and appreciate the blessings God has provided her!

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  1. Certified Bad Bitch is so befitting...luv u yinks