Sunday, December 20, 2009

Why Amber Rose is a Bad Bitch

Amber Rose has become quite a controversial figure in popular media this year. She has been called a gold digger, whore, and irrelevant. I love her. Here's why...

First of all, who can rock a BLOND fade and still look sexy. Sisqo=fail. Dennis Rodman=fail. My mother (yes she tried)= A for effort but not quite a pass so I'll just say fail.

She has a body to DIE for.

She always wears leggings and Jordans, which is a fashion FAIL but it reminds of black girls in Chicago.

But I think what is more important to address is why I don't dislike her. Amber is often bashed because she is bisexual and is a former stripper. No shock there, women that represent "deviant" (meaning legs closed until a man says it's ok for you to open them) sexualities are always bashed. Good old patriarchy at its finest. If you've read my post "Why Bad Bitches Love Strip Clubs" you already know my position on her career choice. And how can we demonize her because she ended up with a potentially queer, slightly insane, and VERY wealthy rapper? Sounds like she hit a LICK to me. We live in a culture that idolizes media figures for their beauty and wealth. She has both of those in the bag, which should address those that question "why she's famous". And let's not forget she's signed with Ford Models.

Amber Rose is a beautiful model who used to date a woman and just so happened to strip back in the day. But she's still a beautiful model. Give her her props. Thank you.


  1. Thank you! I been saying the same thing man!

  2. Amber Rose is quite bad! I wonder how she got on with Kanye though, seems like he's infatuated with her! She's his muse or something...

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