Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wholeness: The Mini Series Pt. 3 In case of an emergency!

Being whole is kind of similar to taking care of your hair. You have to dedicate to maintain it, but that's not always the case. So one day... you look in the mirror and you have what looks like broom straw on top of your head, dry, split, and damaged.

That's what happens when you have failed to take the time to check in with yourself. You have a moment, an epiphany in which you realize that you just don't feel right. You don't necessarily know how long you've felt that way or even why you feel that way, but you do. So just like with your hair, you have to make time to give yourself a treatment in order get back on track. Here's my regimen. NOTE: To ensure effectiveness, you should have at least 6 hours to dedicate to this process.

1. Unlike your hair, when it comes to wholeness you oftentimes have to check all the way out before you can check back in. So turn off your phone and isolate yourself. I think in this age of BlackBerries and iPhones alone time is EXTREMELY under appreciated. But it is needed. TRUST ME!

2. Put on relaxing music.

3. Allow whatever you are feeling to overtake you (as I mentioned in pt. 2 of this series, the ability to do this will help you in life). Cry, scream, pray, curse, express what you are feeling in whatever way your body urges you to. The amount of relief you will feel so euphoric. NOTE: This may take a while so don't rush it. Some people can stay in this phase for hours. If it seems impossible to transition from this state I would suggest turning your phone back on and calling one of those supportive people I mentioned in pt. 2. Then start over.

4. After you've released and relaxed a little a moment of clarity usually overtakes you. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS WINDOW! Rationalize your thoughts, analyze your feelings, set some goals, make a plan of action! This is the step where you actually start to feel better. My personal suggestion, have a pen and paper (journal, planner, single sheet to write a letter to someone, whatever) ready to go.

5. Keeping up with the whole hair analogy, I would say this step is like sitting under the dryer. No one takes the extra time to do it because it doesn't seem immediately necessary or that it makes that much of a difference. But it does. Conquering this step is what makes "feeling better" more than just temporary. Show yourself some appreciation. Dance to your favorite music, paint your toenails, do your hair, whatever makes you happy.

I hope this helps!

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  1. Dear Sesali, thank you for helping me maintain the level of bad-ass bitch that I need to operate at my current and future levels of fierceness. Much <3