Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Clutch has done it again...

Completely inspired, yet slightly disturbed me at the same time! They always make me want to step my game up. Or..... throw up.

Aaliyah MIGHT have her on the dance tip, but Beyonce can and would sing, perform, sell records, and win Grammys around her blindfolded and NOT married to Jay-Z! Some comments mentioned that Aaliyah was R&B and Beyonce was pop hence her "larger fan base... ::chuckles:: Um, hello???? Beyonce does it ALL!! Have these people heard "Speechless"? Aaliyah couldn't touch this at her best... sorry. But R.I.P. (in best Gucci Mane voice).

"Speechless" for all you naysayers out there. Queen B bitches....


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  2. wow someone went hard Anonymously!!!!! Goofy broad!