Thursday, February 11, 2010

Is it just me or is Nanny Fran one of us??

Seriously, the Nanny named Fran is perhaps one of the baddest bitches on television. (Although, she may be tied with Hilary Banks or Claire Huxtable.)

Ok so let's break this down. First of all she hit the best lick EVER. A fine, rich man invited her to take care of his 3 kids (who are basically old enough to not need much "care".) So basically she lives for free in a mansion and gets a stipend... The life.

Uuummm... this chick CLEARLY should have had a fashion blog. Despite the fact that the show is around 20 years old I am still inspired by her style every time I see an episode. The way she uses outrageous colors/prints with solid black, her affinity for heels and thigh high boots, and the dope shit she does with her hair (with the exception of the mullet. Mullets are strictly FORBIDDEN in the bad bitch society!).... she is SUCH a fashionista!

But aside from the material things, she is clearly familiar with the bylaws, too. She is always looking out for other women (her mom and grandmother, her step daughters, her friends, etc.) She even knows how to deal with strags! Think about it, Cece wants her man and hates on her all the typical (in typical strag fashion) and Fran is still comfortable and even NICE to her (because at the end of the day she's content knowing she has no competition).

And even though I just painted an image of near perfection, she's not. She constantly struggles with her relationship history and the fact that she's still unmarried despite being in her thirties. But she does so with grace. You gotta love it.

And as if you needed another reason to love her, here she is 20 years later looking like all of the bad bitch she was in the 90's.

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