Thursday, February 25, 2010

Let Me See Yo Nails: Pt. 1!!!!!!!!!!! (THE WINNER IS...)

Thanks so much to everyone that submitted! It was fun! So here it is guys my first nail gallery!

I got a 2 for 1 submission special here!

I really liked this angle... it almost looks like she's flying.

I've been really digging black polish. So I really appreciated this...

...and these

In case you can't tell this submission is by the queen of nails!

I took my yellow polish off yesterday because I didn't want to be a biter. But please note: this is Treasure, the one who would slay those LouB's... I think she's starting with her nails. SO innovative!

And now I have to take give an honorable mention to my favorite post which was undoubtedly the most creative. Thanks to Aerian and her photographer Naa Amerley!

But of course their could only be one winner... and that is Jocindee a.k.a Jojo a.k.a. DeeDee!!! I love how they clearly show a creative effort but didn't go overboard. It's like junk nails gone bourgeois (pronounced boo-jee of course). She does them herself by the way!

I need this ring in my life....

Be on the look out for Jojo's interview feature!!! Until then... here's my submission. I dared put on blue nail polish and it worked!! And yes... I'm BlackBerry crazy...


  1. Those were all beautiful. I LOVE the teal of Jojo's. Great choice, Sesali.

  2. Love the blue Ses! Thanks for the honorable mention!

  3. i loved this post! FUN FUN FUN!!