Saturday, February 20, 2010

Poor Chris Brown...

I know I know, I'm a bad feminist... Good thing that's not one of my aspirations in life.

But on the topic of Chris Brown I really do feel sorry for him (Rihanna, too). Watching him slowly fall from A-list to B-list celebrity has been hard to watch. Why? Because in some of ways both of them were victims. Rih Rih and Chris both grew up in abusive household environments. They were already exposed to the cycle of violence that SO many young couples find themselves. Chris Brown and Rihanna were violent towards EACH OTHER. And I am NOT excusing what Chris Brown did, he beat the shit out of Rihanna and that's never cool. But is stripping his career the way to get either of them the help they need to prevent this from happening in the future? Chris Brown has issues that he needs to deal with, not any different from T.I.'s legal trouble or Lil Wayne's NOTORIOUS drug habit. There are plenty of police officers, politicians, and other people of importance that physically and emotional abuse their partners without their careers going down the drain. Chris Browns career didn't make him hit Rihanna, nor did her career make her a victim (although some may say being a victim certainly helped her career, which is equally fucked up). So boycotting the music of a talented artist as a way to protest his abusiveness is completely counterproductive. After all, how can he afford treatment if doesn't have a job?

Although I will admit... he does not deserve a career if he wears these pants again. Fail, fail, EPIC FAIL!


  1. Lol @ The Damn Pants....But yeah completely agree...I am a huge Chris Brown fan but when the situation went down I passed jugdement so quickly as if I had the one is pefect by far(especailly not me) so how dare I say I'm. Not buying anymore of his music when I know that I love his music...I fought it 4 as long as I could but my short comings made me realize how wrong I was as well as many others for jugde him and evenually broke me down and made me at least get the bootleg...LMao

  2. I have to say that Mr. Brown's career is as dead as his predecessor's Mr. Bobby Brown's music career. Chris set himself up for failure. Now I will say that he doesn't deserve the criticism and lack of publicity he has been getting for the last couple of months. He was and still is a great artist that deserves to have a shot at success!

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