Friday, February 5, 2010

Relationships will screw us over everytime

Let's just face it, the stuff we're fed about relationships is usually bullshit. But today, when I opened my browser I came across an article that lists 5 Signs you're headed for a break up. And I actually found it very accurate and informing.

What really struck me about the article and compelled me to discuss it was the fact that I observe so many couples stagnant in these very obvious unhealthy phases. I think in these events the relationship itself becomes the focus as opposed to the happiness and/or well being of each individual. It's a concept we see people fall prey to all the time. A fucked up relationship is better than no relationship at all. My BFF who also has a dope blog posted some deep shit about relationships and you should check it out.

Oh me and the BFF just for kicks :-)

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