Friday, March 26, 2010

Clubbin: The Mini Series Pt. 2 "No Homo?"

DISCLAIMER: I do not usually use the term "no homo" as I feel it alienates members of the the LGBTQI community. But I felt as though it was a catchy title for the post. Sue me.

So ladies, it's time to go out. You already know what that means. An hour (or 3) long ritual of applying make-up, doing hair, bringing out the freakiest freakum dresses and the loudest fuck me pumps. We all know the club is the place to go to strut your stuff... But for who?

Recent dialogues I've had with men and women on the"club experience" have shed some light on the type of presentation women prepare for the club. And it seems as though these elaborate and perfected displays of beauty and swag are done, not to gain the attention of men, but in an attempt to gain the approval of other women. The "show" that women put on when they show up and show out is really an attempt to impress and outdo other women.

SO of course I took this idea to the streets, and sure enough, most men noted that they rarely even remembered what a woman at the club had on. Even if they talked to her. They were much interested in her physical appearance. EVEN if they complimented the woman on her outfit, they wouldn't be able to describe it the next day. On the rare occasions they could remember what a woman was wearing, it was because she was wearing next to nothing.

Talking to, accompanying, and being a woman, I know for a fact that we critique other women in the club more than we would any male we're interested in. And when we are getting ready for a night out, we know that other women are going to be there critiquing us as well. They are going to come hard, so we have to come harder, at least on a basic level. Nothing can be out of place. And it's always best to get an "OK" from your girls before you leave.

The bottom line is that when it comes to the club, while men prefer to use rulers of comfort and personal preference to measure their status of appearance, women use each other. I have yet to pinpoint a concrete reason for this. Is it the result of our societal beauty standards that puts most of its pressure on women? Is it the slimming eligible male to female ratio? I don't know. But it's the way things are.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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