Friday, March 26, 2010

Clubbin: The Mini Series Pt. 3 "You don't know nann"

We can't talk about the club, at least I can't, without ranting, I mean talking about how women are approached there. It is truly amazing how many men (especially black men) that don't know how to approach women. And its utterly amazing the number of women (especially black women) that don't know how they should be approached. Just a hint, anything that can be found in "Nann Nigga" is a FAIL.

For a dance:
DO NOT grab my arm, gawk at me for 2 minutes as if I'm on an auction block, and then after nodding your approval try to place my body on your penis.

DO NOT continue to pull my arm after I've tried to withdraw it. I'm CLEARLY not interested.

Just ask me for a dance. It's quite simple.

When trying to get my attention:
DO NOT hiss, cluck, bark at me. Sir I'm not animal.

DO NOT make up a nickname for me (i.e. Legs,, Dimples, Curly Head, etc.). It's corny.

DO NOT refer to me by the article of clothing I'm wearing. You don't know how many girls I've seen respond to "Ay red jacket!!!!!" Ugh. Grow up. Both of you.

DO NOT compare me to my friends in your attempt to compliment me. Thats lame and disrespectful.

Simply put "Hi, how are you?" or even ""How you doin?" will save you everytime. Just say that first. Even if I reject you at least you'll still have my respect.

If rejected:
DO NOT insult my friend because she intervened in your wack game. She knows the drill. You don't.

DO NOT flip the script then try to berate me. You clearly wanted some of my time a minute ago but now I'm a ho? No. You're salty.

DO NOT try to talk to my friend. She not "goin" now. Idiot. NOTE: Ladies if your friend does "go" have a talk with her. IMMEDIATELY.)

Sometimes I wonder if these clowns will ever get it.

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