Friday, March 26, 2010

Clubbin: The Mini Series Pt.1 "Clubbin Aint Dead Mogs Just Scared"

It's hard to find a decent club in Chicago these days. Now I know that there are some people that just like getting dolled up and going out, so they don't care what venue it is. But I know for me, it takes a certain atmosphere for me to thoroughly enjoy myself. A certain amount of liquor will usually do the trick, too, but who wants to get pissy drunk when you look so cute?

The most important element of any club is the music. This plays a MAJOR part in how much fun I am able to have. I like really upbeat, urban (NO TECHNO and not techno remixes of urban songs!) club bangers. DUH right? It's a club. But here is where the first source of conflict arises. See... clubs that cater to this genre also usually cater to patrons... thinking of a way to say this nicely... patrons that are... well, urban "club bangers" if you catch my drift. Think Zentra and Krush. These type of places are targeted towards a younger 18+ crowd (even though you can bet on a few men way too old to be there) and are usually heavily saturated with Coogi dresses, LRG 'fits, and gym shoes (on men AND women, the horror). I prefer a club that is, in a nutshell, a little less hood.

And when it comes to men, I definitely prefer older crowds (late 20's, early 30's they're usually more financially stable and mature). Think Shrine on 21st and Wabash. But at these places you have to listen to all of Jay-Z's hits BEFORE the year 2000. And yea Rakim is fine... as hell, but I don't want to listen to his music either while I'm trying to shake my ass in 2010! And I'm sorry but Common just does not hit the spot on a dance floor....

And speaking of dance floors, can you really call it that when its so crowded that you can't move? I don;t think so...

And there's the fact that you sometimes never know what you're walking into because it all depends on the promoter.

My solution? Drinks. And lounges. Lounges always make for a nice crowd, but not a ridiculous, to capacity crowd. There is always a diverse turnout, and you can usually predict the music so there are no surprises.Funk and J Bar are a few that stand out.

Anyway, glad that's off my chest. Pt. 2 Coming soon!!

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