Monday, March 15, 2010


So I've known this chick for so long. Sometimes I wonder if she'll ever change... I doubt it. But I think that's what I like about her. This girl has absolutely NO problems being herself, even as that self changes and evolves, with no explanations needed.
What makes you a bad bitch?I'm bad because first of all I am self-assured and confident. I know I can do anything thru Him. I am intelligent and always thirsting for more. I am a good friend, sister, daughter, etc. I encourage and love people. and most imoportantly i am only living for and out to please myself. IT's all about me and im not worried about no1 else opinion.

Bad bitch(es) that inspired you
My mother and grandmother...u know how close we are. they both inspire me to be better everyday. I love love love Lauryn hill, michelle obama, maya angelou, and tyra banks.

How can you spot a bad bitch when you see one?
It's all in their aura. a bad b* will exude an unmistakable confidence. she will walk in a room and command attention-cliche? she will be beautiful-in a unique way. her head will always be high and she will not settle for wat she does not want,

A bad bitch always/never...
always: smile, encourage others, look depart, work hard, on top of thing...
never: succumb to the insufficiencies of their inferiors.

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