Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crush Alert!

I just can not go another day without blogging about this chick.... She has this really dope fashion blog Flashy Stylista that I was immediately addicted to! Her style is so unique, completely over the top, brilliant... and she makes some of this shit herself! Her site says she's a "Parisian girl who lives in the Caribbeans with new york city dreams!!" I think those dreams have since come true as she frequently posts pics of her and her crew tearing NYC up! She knows how to have a good time. So.... I think its safe to say I'm in love with her.

Not only is she drop dead gorgeous...

Her nails STAY done...

She thicker than a snicker...

Her swag is on a thousand trillion!

AND her creativity is mind blowing. She MADE those shoes!!!!!!!

She bad as hell.

Yes... I have a crush. A big one.

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  1. thx mami lovin' this post!!! thank you for following me chica!!!mouah