Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A letter to white people... In case you forgot (PROFANITY ALERT)

As bad as I am, that still does not change the fact that I am black. That means that sometimes I have to take time out to address issues of racism. So I decided to write a quick letter to white folks. Hopefully all of my bad bitches with a lack of melanin will pass this along.

Dear white people,

Although this has been said over and over again I see soem of you have still missed important memos regarding interactions with blacks.

First of all, STOP TOUCHING OUR FUCKING HAIR! It is an invasion of personal space. And don't give me that bullshit "I'm a stylist" excuse as if that makes it ok. If you are a good, well rounded stylist you should already know what "black" hair feels like. I'm fascinated with how your hair stays oily despite the fact that you wash it all the time, but I don't feel the need to walk up to you, a stranger, and run my fingers through your hair. And if you just HAVE to know what it feels like at least have the decency to ask.

Second thing, STOP ASKING US TO DANCE or TEACH YOU HOW TO DANCE!!! I'm just going to be honest with you, we interpret this as "Go ahead and shuck and jive for us coon!" It just really strikes a nerve. The other thing is... and I hate to go there... but if you can't do what I'm doing on the dance floor it's probably because you don't have any rhythm. Sorry, but I can't help you find the beat and coordinate your movements accordingly. You either have it or you don't.

Also, stop getting upset when you offend black people or someone insinuates you are racist. If you grew up in America, regardless of your race, you are probably racist. Even I can admit that I have issues and assumptions about race that I need to work on. If this is bought to your attention, just learn from the experience.

I'm sure there's more that I just can't think of right now but these were on my mind. That is all.

A black woman


  1. i will most definitely be passing this along.

  2. I enjoy this, Ses. I hope that i've not done these things or offended everyone. but i'm humble. loves.

  3. Thanks guys and Kaytlin... humble you are DEF. I love you!

  4. Tell it girlfriend! Loving the Blog.

  5. Amen. I need to keep working on my racism for sure, but I promise to never touch your hair or ask you to dance, (I only got it when I'm drunk anyway).