Friday, May 28, 2010

Let Me See Yo Nails!!! #2

Gotta love a handful of rings. Some things just really remind me of home... and that's one of them.

The story behind these is that they were supposed to be cheetah... #fail. But you can never go wrong with polka dots on your nails.

Black is great way to tone down nails with a bunch of a designs. I never thought about that until I saw these. ------->

These are from Chicago's Drama Queen, Demi Lobo! Animal print is another one of those things that just can't go wrong on your nails.

In case ya'll haven't noticed.. the fast food workers are killin the nail game! ----->

Of course I had to represent for the natural nails. By the way, I did these myself!

You guys didn't really think the white girls weren't going to catch on did you?------->

If you want your nails featured at the Bad Bitch Society (even if they're just one color) just shoot me an email!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hoes: The Mini Series Pt. 6 "Quote of the Day"

"Whore is a word we made up for women who like fucking as much as men do"

-Stacey Ann Chin

Hoes: The Mini Series Pt. 5 "On behalf of so called hoes everywhere"

And now I would like to make a statement on behalf of so called hoes everywhere. If you've ever been called a hoe repeat after me.

"I like sex so I do it as much as I can and I don't give a fuck what you think about it. While I respect your religious/moral views, they are not mine and do not apply to my body and/or life. And if we've slept together you are as much of a hoe as I am. And if we haven't, mind your own damn business! Now save that hoe shit for somebody who gives a fuck."

Hoes: The Mini Series Pt. 4 "No, YOU the HOE!"

So in case it hasn't been made clear. I don't agree with the term hoe in its "traditional" form. But do I think hoes exist? HELL YEAH!

-A hoe lies about the people they slept with. Men stop lying on your dicks and women, if you let him hit, you let him hit... admit it.

-A hoe doesn't respect their bodies themselves enough to protect themselves. I would like to add here that those "prostitutes" everyone looks down their noses at are cleaner and healthier than the bitch that fucked you raw because you told her she was pretty. Their livelihood and money depend on it.

-A hoe sleeps with people they don't respect. SO for all the men that call women "hoes and bussas" and are eager to bed her, sit down.... wit yo HOE ASS!

-A hoe uses sex to intentionally hurt other people.

-A hoe is ashamed of herself and/or her sexuality. I may have seen more dicks than a urinal but i go to bed with a smile on my face at the thought every night.

-A hoe has sex to please other people besides herself (i.e. all the women that continuously sleep with men but never have an orgasm)

-A hoe doesn't respect the Code.

Hoes: The Mini Series Pt. 3 "Pay for Play"

Completely random thought: Doesn't the term "pay for play" sound like it should be written in a bathroom stall with the words "call joanne 773-555-1234"?? LOL

Anyway, I have a confession to make. It may be so horrific that you may not even want to support this blog or me anymore. It is so disgraceful that you will probably want to pray for me or some shit like that. But here it is.... I support prostitution.

I know, it's absolutely terrible that I support 2 consensual adults coming to an agreement about their own finances and their own sexual activity. The horror! I confessed this to you all because I wanted to touch on a certain brand of so called hoes known as groupies and gold diggers...

This is just really another issue that I feel is judged in a very one sided manner and dictated by everyone EXCEPT the people involved in those type of relationships. Think about prostitution busts, the police are never as interested in going after the customers are they are the actual sex workers. If we are demoralizing women for using their bodies for financial gain, why are we not holding men using money for women's bodies accountable? Also, so the fuck what if she is willing to have sex for money. Is it really different than spreading that amount of money out into a series of dates and gifts (aka dating in America)?
Also, as a society, we put ALOT of emphasis on virginity and "holding out" in order to acquire status, attention, and material things from men. "Save something for your husband" (as if my hand in marriage, potential children, sharing half of my life with you forever, etc. is not enough), "make that nigga pay before he get some", "no one wants to pay for a cow when they can get the milk for free", "If you give him too much he'll lose interest (FYI: if you hit this and then lose interest you're gay) are all messages that scream YOUR BODY IS A MEANS TO GET WHAT YOU WANT! And what's fucked up about these methods is that you are denying yourself experiences that you may be genuinely interested in having.

And from another perspective, if it is ok to have a preference for tattoos, certain hair color, certain penis size, certain dress style, religion, etc. why is it not ok for a woman to be sexually motivated by a financial incentive? I can imagine that an orgasm backed with a check being quite intense.

And if there wasn't a market, meaning wealthy mean THIRSTY to give these women money, we would not need to have this conversation.

Now.... where the cash at?

Hoes: The Mini Series Pt. 2 "Interview with a hoe"

Before you get all excited, NO, I did not find a so called hoe and interview her. But I wanted to use this time to address some of the questions I heard people ask about sexually "deviant" women (I fucking hate that term. Deviating from what? Anyway...).

Why do you have so much sex?
Because it feels good and I like it. Why do you always go to your favorite restaurant or read your favorite magazine?

Don't you think you should have more respect for yourself?
Who told you I didn't have respect for myself? In fact, I have so much respect for myself that I tune in to exactly what it is that I want, and I go for it. I keep it safe, sane, and consensual. Can I respect myself any more than that?

Don't you worry about STD's?
Of course, as much as the next person. But I wrap it up.

Why can't you pick one person to sleep with and just stick with them instead of doing it all over the place?
Because I like diversity. Keeps things exciting.

Where is your dignity?
Probably somewhere inside this good ass pussy. Just kidding. But seriously, since when does sex rob people of their dignity? I'm a great person, I love to help other people, I encourage honesty from everyone around me, and I'm a bad bitch. And with that, I think my dignity is still in tact.

How would you feel if your daughter was doing the things you are doing?
If she is doing it just like I am then I would be proud that my daughter was responsible and comfortable enough to make her own decisions, protect herself, know her own body, and realize that her body and sexuality are no one's but her own. I see you missed that last memo.

And that's all for interview with a hoe.

Hoes: The Mini Series Pt. 1 "Keep it on the Low... or you could be a hoe"

Sorry about the corny ass title but I just couldn't resist. Now before I get deep into my own "hoe politics" let me break this down for those who don't really know what's going on. There are people out there, whom you may or may not have had sex with, who analyze YOUR sex life so that they can label it and you as what is commonly referred to as a hoe. I know, it's absurd. But hey, its just one more thing women go through. The term is interchangeable with the words slut, whore, bussa (created from the Chicago term bust down), runner, tramp, groupie, bopper, to name a few. It can also be expressed in phrases such as "She's easy" or "She goin" (I think that's another Chicago exclusive).

But anyway, the fact of the matter is that you can only be crowned the hoe title if someone knows about your sex life in some capacity and gives it to you. Therefore, another very accurate title for this post could have been "why I don't give a fuck if you think I'm a hoe".

So after you have this title, what does that mean for you? In my opinion? Not a damn thing (another reason for my alternative post title). Supposedly it makes you "unwifeable". What a joke! So I should be ashamed that some clown I probably wouldn't want to marry anyway just so happened to find out about two of my sexual encounters and doesn't want to marry me? Ha. When I find someone I want to be in a serious relationship with we will be in one. Because he won't give a fuck who I was sleeping with before him (as long as I'm STD free of course). And that's just the bottom line.

And that's the killer about this whole hoe thing; it only applies to women but it's completely centered around the opinion of men. And then there are women that support such a silly agenda by helping to further "tarnish your rep". I wrote about women like that here. Anyway, it's all pretty silly. Unless you broke the Code and it was her man she shouldn't have an opinion about who you slept with. In fact, adults don't concern themselves with who other adults are sleeping with. I'm a grown ass woman, I'll do what the fuck I want, with little to no regard for how or what you think about it (A third and final reason for an alternate post title).

But for those of you who do care, be mindful of this: if you have a lot of sex, try to keep it on the low or risk the chance of being called a hoe.... not that it matters.

The "Code"

From the time we (women) learn about the institution known as dating and relationships, we are very aware of the delicate balance that must be maintained while dealing with relationships and friendships. It is a concept that grows stronger and more significant as we get older (in middle school half my friends had dated the same guy at least once and back then, that was ok). But the fact of the matter is that there is a "code", one that we must and do respect. Bad Bitches know better than to challenge the code in any form but there will always be shady broads that try to push the envelope. If you have one of those in your life direct that shady bitch in this direction so that there will be no discrepancies if and/or when she crosses you.

The Golden Rule: If you are cool with* someone, you do NOT fuck with** anyone that they've fucked with**, are fucking with, or are trying to fuck with; and if you do, be prepared to not be cool anymore.

Now as I mentioned earlier there are such things as shady broads, and they try to find a loophole but in my breakdown of the golden rule I hope to leave very little room for error.
*"cool with"=Well actually it's pretty hard to define what being "cool" with someone looks like because people define their relationships in their own terms. So, I think it will be easier to instead identify people you are NOT cool with and leave you with this, you are cool with anybody not falling into any of the following categories. You are NOT cool with people you don't get along with, people you don't know, and people you know OF, but don't really know. So anyone you would speak to, call a friend/acquaintance/associate, keep your damn hands off they man (or woman)!
**"fucking with"=Regardless of tense (past, present, or possibly future) this can range from accepting advances from the person, to an actual relationship and ANYTHING in between. Sex, flirting, talking, dating, crushing, liking, loving, being with, etc. are all included in this. If the person you are cool with is/has/or wants to do anything mentioned here to someone, that means you DO NOT do ANY of it with that same person of interest.

I will not get into the specific consequences of breaking the code aside from teh fact that you most likely will not be cool with her anymore but I would suggest if youa re bold enough to break the code, know how to fight or run. Anyway, women, RESPET THE CODE!!!