Sunday, May 9, 2010

The "Code"

From the time we (women) learn about the institution known as dating and relationships, we are very aware of the delicate balance that must be maintained while dealing with relationships and friendships. It is a concept that grows stronger and more significant as we get older (in middle school half my friends had dated the same guy at least once and back then, that was ok). But the fact of the matter is that there is a "code", one that we must and do respect. Bad Bitches know better than to challenge the code in any form but there will always be shady broads that try to push the envelope. If you have one of those in your life direct that shady bitch in this direction so that there will be no discrepancies if and/or when she crosses you.

The Golden Rule: If you are cool with* someone, you do NOT fuck with** anyone that they've fucked with**, are fucking with, or are trying to fuck with; and if you do, be prepared to not be cool anymore.

Now as I mentioned earlier there are such things as shady broads, and they try to find a loophole but in my breakdown of the golden rule I hope to leave very little room for error.
*"cool with"=Well actually it's pretty hard to define what being "cool" with someone looks like because people define their relationships in their own terms. So, I think it will be easier to instead identify people you are NOT cool with and leave you with this, you are cool with anybody not falling into any of the following categories. You are NOT cool with people you don't get along with, people you don't know, and people you know OF, but don't really know. So anyone you would speak to, call a friend/acquaintance/associate, keep your damn hands off they man (or woman)!
**"fucking with"=Regardless of tense (past, present, or possibly future) this can range from accepting advances from the person, to an actual relationship and ANYTHING in between. Sex, flirting, talking, dating, crushing, liking, loving, being with, etc. are all included in this. If the person you are cool with is/has/or wants to do anything mentioned here to someone, that means you DO NOT do ANY of it with that same person of interest.

I will not get into the specific consequences of breaking the code aside from teh fact that you most likely will not be cool with her anymore but I would suggest if youa re bold enough to break the code, know how to fight or run. Anyway, women, RESPET THE CODE!!!


  1. what if you met two people (man and a woman) at the same time then you started messin w the dude and then the woman was like i like him. but she knew him first but you just met both of em.

  2. I think she technically broke the code because if you were already messing with him, liking him is off limits.

  3. I'm still not sure about the "cool with" part...Are you "cool with" your friend's friend whom you never talk to? What about someone who's your friend on Facebook? A person you had a class with?

  4. You arent cool with any of those people because you might know OF them but you don't KNOW them. Be careful with your friend's friend because that could put your friend in the middle. ANd I'm glad you start reading my blog teeya! :-)

  5. I been following it since that day I told you, lol...good sh*t.