Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hoes: The Mini Series Pt. 2 "Interview with a hoe"

Before you get all excited, NO, I did not find a so called hoe and interview her. But I wanted to use this time to address some of the questions I heard people ask about sexually "deviant" women (I fucking hate that term. Deviating from what? Anyway...).

Why do you have so much sex?
Because it feels good and I like it. Why do you always go to your favorite restaurant or read your favorite magazine?

Don't you think you should have more respect for yourself?
Who told you I didn't have respect for myself? In fact, I have so much respect for myself that I tune in to exactly what it is that I want, and I go for it. I keep it safe, sane, and consensual. Can I respect myself any more than that?

Don't you worry about STD's?
Of course, as much as the next person. But I wrap it up.

Why can't you pick one person to sleep with and just stick with them instead of doing it all over the place?
Because I like diversity. Keeps things exciting.

Where is your dignity?
Probably somewhere inside this good ass pussy. Just kidding. But seriously, since when does sex rob people of their dignity? I'm a great person, I love to help other people, I encourage honesty from everyone around me, and I'm a bad bitch. And with that, I think my dignity is still in tact.

How would you feel if your daughter was doing the things you are doing?
If she is doing it just like I am then I would be proud that my daughter was responsible and comfortable enough to make her own decisions, protect herself, know her own body, and realize that her body and sexuality are no one's but her own. I see you missed that last memo.

And that's all for interview with a hoe.

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