Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hoes: The Mini Series Pt. 3 "Pay for Play"

Completely random thought: Doesn't the term "pay for play" sound like it should be written in a bathroom stall with the words "call joanne 773-555-1234"?? LOL

Anyway, I have a confession to make. It may be so horrific that you may not even want to support this blog or me anymore. It is so disgraceful that you will probably want to pray for me or some shit like that. But here it is.... I support prostitution.

I know, it's absolutely terrible that I support 2 consensual adults coming to an agreement about their own finances and their own sexual activity. The horror! I confessed this to you all because I wanted to touch on a certain brand of so called hoes known as groupies and gold diggers...

This is just really another issue that I feel is judged in a very one sided manner and dictated by everyone EXCEPT the people involved in those type of relationships. Think about prostitution busts, the police are never as interested in going after the customers are they are the actual sex workers. If we are demoralizing women for using their bodies for financial gain, why are we not holding men using money for women's bodies accountable? Also, so the fuck what if she is willing to have sex for money. Is it really different than spreading that amount of money out into a series of dates and gifts (aka dating in America)?
Also, as a society, we put ALOT of emphasis on virginity and "holding out" in order to acquire status, attention, and material things from men. "Save something for your husband" (as if my hand in marriage, potential children, sharing half of my life with you forever, etc. is not enough), "make that nigga pay before he get some", "no one wants to pay for a cow when they can get the milk for free", "If you give him too much he'll lose interest (FYI: if you hit this and then lose interest you're gay) are all messages that scream YOUR BODY IS A MEANS TO GET WHAT YOU WANT! And what's fucked up about these methods is that you are denying yourself experiences that you may be genuinely interested in having.

And from another perspective, if it is ok to have a preference for tattoos, certain hair color, certain penis size, certain dress style, religion, etc. why is it not ok for a woman to be sexually motivated by a financial incentive? I can imagine that an orgasm backed with a check being quite intense.

And if there wasn't a market, meaning wealthy mean THIRSTY to give these women money, we would not need to have this conversation.

Now.... where the cash at?

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