Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hoes: The Mini Series Pt. 4 "No, YOU the HOE!"

So in case it hasn't been made clear. I don't agree with the term hoe in its "traditional" form. But do I think hoes exist? HELL YEAH!

-A hoe lies about the people they slept with. Men stop lying on your dicks and women, if you let him hit, you let him hit... admit it.

-A hoe doesn't respect their bodies themselves enough to protect themselves. I would like to add here that those "prostitutes" everyone looks down their noses at are cleaner and healthier than the bitch that fucked you raw because you told her she was pretty. Their livelihood and money depend on it.

-A hoe sleeps with people they don't respect. SO for all the men that call women "hoes and bussas" and are eager to bed her, sit down.... wit yo HOE ASS!

-A hoe uses sex to intentionally hurt other people.

-A hoe is ashamed of herself and/or her sexuality. I may have seen more dicks than a urinal but i go to bed with a smile on my face at the thought every night.

-A hoe has sex to please other people besides herself (i.e. all the women that continuously sleep with men but never have an orgasm)

-A hoe doesn't respect the Code.

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  1. Yes Yes Yes...a Hoe does not the respect the code..!!!!!!