Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What we can all learn from Kat Stacks

These days, anyone even slightly familiar with the hip hop game has heard of and/or is commenting on this woman known as Kat Stacks. A little bit of brief info for those who don't know. This is Kat Stacks.

She is a hip hop groupie who has set the internet on fire by exposing her sexual rendezvous with various rappers. Now we've seen this before, reference Karrine Steffans, but there is something very different about Kat Stacks approach. Check this video out and get a taste of what I mean...

Now before I share my own personal opinion about her "career" I think that there are some other very important issues that need to be addressed.

1. Kat Stacks has admitted to having UNPROTECTED sex with some of her partners on multiple occasions. Need I say more? So today, doing research for this post, I caught wind on the net that Ms. Stacks is allegedly HIV positive. My first thought... I can see that. There is nothing funny or entertaining about this woman. Kat Stacks is having sex with men she doesn't even respect and what that tells me is that underneath those bangs and implants there is a woman harboring a deeply felt hatred for people in her heart. Being infected with HIV can cause some people to become that way. Thats a hard pill to swallow. I hope that these allegations are not true and I hope even more that she is keeping up on her status and begins to make more responsible decisions by using condoms.

2. The Kat Stacks controversy has really got me thinking... DO ANY OF YOU RAPPERS HAVE ANY FUCKING SENSE? So she's exposing numbers, airing videos, and ya'll still getting up with her?? FOOLS! And if she is HIV positive lets consider which one of you could have GIVEN it to her, which one of you could have GOTTEN it from her and could be GIVING it to other people. With Kat Stack's rap sheet do you idiots realize you could be contributing to an industry wide health hazard? #comeonson

Now before any of you think that I am a Kat Stacks fan or supporter...

I think she has a wonderful opportunity to be a great investigative journalist, or at least a very successful escort (and I am not saying that one is better than the other one) however she is completely throwing both of these opportunities down the drain. For example, she's wasting the majority of her 15 minutes of fame on D list rappers that no one cares about. When you can tell me all the naughty things Jay has to say about Beyonce, you'll have my attention.

There is a much better and more lucrative way to handle her "career" but honestly, she is a sucker for the glitz and glamour. She could have a much more consistent income by sleeping with these men and keeping it private. She wants her face on the screen and its sadly going to be her demise. Don't believe me? Watch this...

This is not the only time hands have been laid on her. Seriously, if you want to make a career of "outing" celebrities, get some better bodyguards, know how to throw some hands, start carrying a gun, or something!!!! Dummy. Always be able to back your shit up and create a safety net for yourself.

Now supposedly Kat Stacks has a book scheduled to be released in December, you've heard her speak... her poor editor.

The point I'm trying to make is that I don't knock anyone's hustle, as long as it's safe, not hurting anyone, and not putting you or anyone else in danger unnecessarily. It is not her job to be a role model to people's kids or any of that bullshit. But your type of reckless behavior is the type of thing that can lead women trying to play your game to the grave.... if you don't beat them to it.

So what can all of us ladies learn from Kat Stacks? STEP YOUR PUSSY GAME UP!!!!!! The end.

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