Sunday, February 13, 2011

They tried to make me go to rehab. I said no, no, NO.

Amy Winehouse is my favorite artist. She is me, lyrically reflected.

Her content is loud, un "ladylike", imperfect, and brutally honest. It be like that sometime. I feel like the easiest way to draw the connection between she and I was to just share what I hear.

-I appreciate the earth. (Mr. Magic, Addicted)

-I have an irresistible attraction to the wrong men, too, Amy. (What It Is About Men, Just Friends, Tears Dry on Their On)

-Ah. The bittersweet taste of rejection. The badder you are the harder it is. But each time it gets easier to deal with (You Sent Me Flying).

-I love when women are honest about the pain/confusion/anger that from someone breaking your heart... And then proceed to tell them to take the shit they bought you and get the fuck out (Take the Box, Back to Black)

-This orgasm was about me, not about us. You weren't even there. It be like that Amy. (I Heard Love Is Blind)

-Yes I'm a woman and yes I like to fuck. Yes you broke my heart but. Yes I would like to continue this sexual relationship. No I'm not emotionally attached. Yes I'm sorry that you are.(my FAVORITE SONG, In My Bed)

-I know I seem fucked up but you don't know what I'm going through. "oooo I just need a friend... Its not just my pride. Its just til these tears have dried." (Rehab)

-I love Mr. Jones too Amy. (Me and Mr Jones)

-You're the reason I don't love these hoes. "Over futile odds and laughed at by the gods..." Man. I can't even go there right now. (Love Is a Losing Game, Wake Up Alone)

I could go on... The significance is that Amy represents the part of me that isn't all dope and enlightened and cool and smart. She represents the side of me that's insecure, broken, and irrational. But hey I never said I was perfect, who is? People are light and dark, good and bad, high and low. And if you ask me to go to rehab I'll tell you no... I just need a friend.

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  1. Amy is PHENOMENAL! I still cry listening to Love Is A Losing Game, its like she took all my heartbreak and put it into a lovely group of simple metaphors. I think you might enjoy Adele.