Monday, March 14, 2011

What I DO know (subject to change. It be like that)

You may have noticed that the content of this blog has become much more personal as late. Well, me has become my latest project, so I guess it just be like that. There are alot of things I go back and forth with regarding whether I should post it or not. I decided to post this one. For one of my best friends has been doing them quite regularly on her blog, always an interesting read. Also, I think it is important to "know" these things about myself and I hope you indulge in a list of your own.

So here's what I know:

1. I love reading. I was just saying that I took my being on punishment days for granted because I only wish I was able to get that much reading done these days.

2. I love the way I look naked... much more than I appreciate the way I look in any outfit. I've been trained all my life to hide from what I see when I shed my clothes. It took alot of learning, and even more UNlearning, but now all I see when I'm naked is a body, one variation of the billions of bodies on the earth, my body. How cool is that?

3. I'm not a big cryer. I would like to be. It has excellent cleansing and healing powers, but I find it really hard.

4. After 23 years I finally know that I spend alot of energy trying to get other people to realize that I'm a human being just like them. I don't plan on stopping. Perhaps changing tactics though. You feel that?

5. I love sweets.

6. I love the way cold air feels hitting my skin. (For short periods of time of course. The Chicago hawk takes it a bit too far) But I like walking through the freezer isle in the grocery store, I like to sit my skin right in front of the air conditioner, etc.

7. I've been writing creatively and/or self expression since at least 4th grade. (That's as far back as I can remember.)

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Certified Bad Bitch: Jessica Lauren (I really love that combo. It reminds me of a superSHEro/porn star/clothing brand)

Jessica is the yin to my yang. She has beautiful energy, like really beautiful. energy. Enough said.

Jessica on why she's a bad bitch...

"Your only identity is I AM undefined and infinite"- Deepak Chopra

But within this spectrum of "who I am", I can identify with "bad bitchness" because even through


I can be

friend to several other bad bitches
a lover
a creator
a dedicated badu and amel fan,
and HERE.

In addition, I think recognizing your "gift" and giving your gift to as many people as you can is being "bad".

So thats why Im "bad"……oh and Im a little fine too:)

Yep... that's my best friend.