Saturday, June 25, 2011

Honesty vs. Truth

"Honesty don't mean shit if it aint the truth"

I am a recovering fronter... I think I have to lie to kick it... I am as honest as they come, blunt, upfront, all of that. I am honest, but I do not always tell the truth.

Truth is how we feel, truth is our experiences, truth is what we know (and some of what we don't know). Truth IS. I was trying to act like it wasn't.

What I feel, what I've experienced, and what I know is not always what I give people. Why? Get ready for some truth: what I feel is defensiveness and a vague sense of inferiority, what I've experienced is dehumanizing rejection, and what I know is that I'm scarred. So I've been on this mission: Operation Invincible.

Superwoman died. I should have learned from her story, as I will HONESTLY remind any of the women in my life to do. But I did not, and I still have the audacity to think that I can deny parts of me, create others, and become THE Bad Bitch.

The TRUTH is I'm just A bad bitch. With a story, with kinks, with issues, who is vulnerable, who feels hurt, who is human.

I'm honest when I rationalize my life and the circumstances that surround it, as well as my relationships with others and myself. But the truth is I want love, I care deeply for more people than those who know, I'm petrified of rejection, and most importantly all of that is ok (even if I don't know it yet).

I am sharing this TRUTH with you because I have to start somewhere. I have to replace honesty with truth. I felt alone in my humanness and am hoping for just one person to read this and agree that truth>honesty.

"You aint gotta lie to kick it"


  1. I love this. I love YOU. All of you.

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