Wednesday, June 8, 2011

In the meantime... Just this morning....

Recently I've been looking to the Earth and nature for advice and wisdom on love and just living. Just this morning I asked myself: What the hell does nature really know about love? It does its thing on autopilot. It comes, it grows, it coexists, it dies, without emotion or baggage." And perhaps that is true. But I realized it was a foolish thought to think that all of this happens without love. Just this morning it dawned on me that we can look to the Earth and Universe as the perfect example of love. All that IS (BE), exists and lives (DO) with complete understanding and acceptance of everything else. The Earth offers a perfect example of harmony and interdependence. And yes there is love. The ocean loves so much that it sustains the entire Earth... The trees and vegetation love so much that they self sacrifice to feed and give breath to everything that needs air. The Sun and the Moon.... need I say more? Nothing IS without the other. We are the only ones that neglect the fact that we are ONE and reject the love that literally flows through us.

All this came to me just this morning, though, so what do I know?

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