Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I am from...

I did this exercise at a YP4 training in October. I thought it was a excellent opportunity to be reflective, honest, and creative. I want to share my responses with you and encourage you to complete one yourself. Most of my responses are homage to Chicago and the women that have been instrumental in my life.

You answer each prompt with "I am from..." (Feel free to add your own prompts as well.)

Familiar sights, sounds, and smells from your home or neighborhood growing up.
I am from...
forks, fives, ad frustrated parents... From rumbling trains and activated bullets. 
I am from "the lake" and a descendant of the most beautiful skyline. I am from the bleeding heart of America.

Familiar foods, especially those associated with family gatherings or special occasions.
I am from...
the sweetest things, sugary and tempting... with the secretive promise of pleasure and the subtlest hint of lust.
I am from mild sauce as the perfect accessory.

Familiar sayings heard repeatedly as you were growing up.
I am from...
irresponsibility, giiiirls, let em tell you's, what you doin?'s. tea pouring, and aw... ok.
I am from... before I tell you, where yo bawse at?

Familiar experiences that have challenged or shaped your identity.
I am from...
resistance. Necessary lies. Stifled cries. 
I'm from self hate and self love in infancy.
I am from resilience manifested.
I am from silece speaking louder than words and me speaking louder than them.

Familiar people - family members, friends, ancestors, important people from your past.
I am from...
best friends, baby mamas, master teachers, other mothers,
partners in bliss, motivators, challengers,
and guardian angels.

Thanks for listening. FYI: YP4 is an amazing organization that helps young leaders develop their progressive campaigns and activism. Check them out and nominate yourself (or someone else) for their fellowship program here!

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