Saturday, February 11, 2012

List yourself... (Book Recommendation)

I found this really great book in the bargain section at Barne's & Noble called List Your Self: Listmaking as the Way to Self-Discovery by Ilene Segalove (what a cool ass last name. I love Sega too! I still have one!) and Paul Bob Velick. As the title suggests, the book is full of lists that require you to be honest, critical, and do some serious reflecting. 

Example (this is one of my lists):

List all those risks you'd like to take but are afraid to
-Moving out of the country
-Big Chop
-Wearing high waist jeans and a midriff top
-Going to a treatment facility

It was really hard to put those things on paper and make them permanent. But reading them, none of them seem as risky as before. I would suggest everyone do some these lists. 

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