Friday, June 29, 2012

The Fluff... No. 1 I'm just pretty

Them: "You pretty for a big girl"

 Me: "You're smart for an idiot"

 I think that saying is equivalent to "no homo" and "not to be racist..." It basically reinforces fat-phobia and supports the norm that fat girls should not be desired. We are by the way.

 And really... it's ok... you don't have to disclaim the fact that I'm fine as hell. I just am.

 Furthermore, I know the days of the "pretty girl" are long gone (it's all about ass these days) but I'd think common courtesy would steer you away from blatantly suggesting that I'm unattractive everywhere outside of my 5 inches of face.

 I don't hear people saying "You have a nice body to be so ugly" You ever think about that? Why that might be rude? You should.

And the fact that I'm 24 and still reminding people of this is just laughable yet depressing. Good Day.

 The Fluff is about fat girls. Because fat bitches are bad bitches too.