Friday, July 13, 2012

Dear Ty - and all that came before you...

I was reading your blog this morning. And as soon as I started listening to Frank Ocean (I still am as I write this) I thought about all of the wonderfully good music that I can accredit to you. Some other people might think this is trivial and unimportant. I know you don't. There is truly something to be said about sharing positive reactions to rhythms, beats, and their subsequent vibrations. Thank you for recognizing that. Even when we don't talk, I will hear a song, and you'll speak directly to me.

But there's more. So after I thought about how thankful I am for this music and for you, I couldn't stop. I'm glad that we connect through words and the gift of writing. I'm especially thankful for all of our mutual friends that keep us connected and brought us together in the first place--Jessica, Alicia, Aerian, Damillia, the list goes on. I guess gratitude is like that, it sees where it belongs. Mostly I'm just thankful that you and I are alive and here, at the same damn time. 


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